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ZF-Faster Propellers offer superior performance, control and efficiency.
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ZF Marine Propulsion Systems: Propellers

ZF Marine offers the most complete line of fixed-pitch propellers that will meet your specific control or speed needs with optimum efficiency. ZF-Faster propellers are precision-engineered for superior performance and smoothness of operation, they are provided with complete laminated documentation, and they are each serialized for easy product tracking.

Commercial Craft and Pleasure Craft Applications

ZF-Faster fixed pitch propellers, which cover a wide variety of pleasure crafts and work vessels, integrate well into ZF Marine’s marine propulsion packages. Many different propeller designs are available for precise matching to the characteristics of each vessel, ensuring the best performance, silent operation and optimum fuel efficiency. ZF-Faster propellers are subject to the highest quality control regulations to meet the stringent environmental and technical specifications where safety, availability and reliability are of critical importance.

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